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Thoughts after Wreath Across America Ceremony

Attending Wreath Across America for the first time with our volunteer girls was a poignant experience, especially after hearing about it so many times even though I do not have any direct family members or friends lose their lives in a war. The lives lost and the ultimate sacrifices made by our people serve as a powerful reminder that violence and war should not be the ultimate solutions to problems. Instead, they inspire us to cherish life, utilize our wisdom to facilitate meaningful conversations, and work towards achievable solutions.

The greatness of a country lies not in its ability to mercilessly bomb others, but in its capacity to foster leadership and development worldwide, promoting collaboration and peace. A truly great nation actively manages the impulse for violence, embodying a mindset that prioritizes development. Without proactively controlling the unrestrained inclination towards violence, we risk regressing to an era of barbarism. Let us strive for a mindset that defines us as a "developed" country—one that actively contributes to sustained progress and peace on a global scale. -- Dr. Yubo Zhang

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