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Community Services

Since September 2023, I've had the privilege of leading a remarkable group of girl volunteers dedicated to community service. The opportunities to assist underserved populations in our community are abundant and ever-present. Alongside our ongoing meaningful volunteer initiatives, my primary focus has been on intentionally fostering leadership capabilities among the girls.

Striking a balance between strategic thinking and active doing is paramount. To work hard and work smart, we recognize the importance of collective thinking, open communication and collaboration. Our approach involves facilitating conversations, strategic planning for meetings, proactively seeking new opportunities, and gaining insights from guest speakers. These practices are pivotal in equipping the girls with both the mindset and skills needed for effective leadership.

This page will showcase some of our impactful community service work, as well as highlight the enjoyable and social aspects of our endeavors. If you're interested in collaborating with us, we warmly invite you to connect by completing the form on our contact page. Your involvement can contribute to the growth and success of our shared initiatives.


End-of-year Celebration and Gift Exchange

The girls had so much fun playing some game and did a white elephant gift exchange. It is a great opportunity to reflect back and plan forward. Look forward to a great year with the girls. 



Wreath Across Amercia

It was a beautiful day in December. There were a lot of people and we did a lot of steps to find a name without a wreath. In order not to make it as a check-off-the-list task, I tried to look up the name through google and got to know the person who gave up their lives a bit more. Across time and space, I hope the appreciation can be felt. I shared some afterthoughts in our reflections page.

End of November

Gifts Shopping and Delivery for Folster Children



Thanksgiving Pie Fundraising and Distribution

We raised a total of over $900 through Thanksgiving pie fundraising with the support of our community. The $ raised will be used to buy Christmas gifts for folster children. Changing to a new vendor is a bold decision and action I took but glad we did it. The quality, the size and the price of the pies exceeded expectations. Still I was hoping for a more fun and meaningful fundraising event for the girls. 


Military Cards Making and Guest Speaker on Drug Abuse

It was a great pleasure to have Mr. Todd as our guest speaker to talk about drug abuse. The data and facts are appalling. Being informed of drug abuse related deaths will help with raising the awareness of the issue. 

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