Our Volunteers.

The successful stories of our women leaders won't deliver without our amazing volunteers! Each of them has showed their passion for women leadership and dedication through their unique involvement in this project. Please get to know our volunteers and their experience with this project a bit more through introductions and narratives below.


We are always looking for commited and talented volunteers. Please contact us if you think you will be a good fit for any of the following: 

  • audio/video editors

  • social media communicators/community outreach

  • story writers/editors


Amy Lusignan, volunteer

Amy served as our very first volunteer who helped with audio editing. She was amazing with giving her time to this project in between all other duties she had as a senior in high school.  Amy paid great attention to details. She had the most difficult audio file to work with as we were the least experienced when doing our very first interview. She significantly reduced the audio length by10 minutes from taking out the ums and long pauses.


Angela Goh, volunteer

"I enjoyed editing the audio and listening to Lorena's story. I agree that you need to listen to your inner voice when making decisions."

Angela impressed us with her commitment to this project. She started audio editing with minimum instruction and explored the functionalities of the editing software all by herself. She did over and beyond by not only removing the long pauses throughout the interview audio but also getting rid of unnecessary filler words.  This significantly improved the audio quality of our podcast. To help future volunteers easily learn how to conduct the audio editing work, she further created a learning resource document with screenshots and instructions included. Her learning skill, sense of responsibility and commitment is way higher than an average 8th grader.