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All women in the world who have the desire to lead would have the skills, strategies and confidence to do so. We hope all women and girls are empowered to lead and to make the world a better place. 

We will share successful stories of women across all fields through a series of interviews. By analyzing these interview data, existing documents and books, we will synthesize themes in becoming a successful and confident woman leader.

Meet The Team


Yubo Zhang Ph.D.

Manager, Fairfax County Public Schools
VP, Sino-American Educational Research Association
Board member at-large, Families of Children from China DC Area  (FCC, DC)
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I am a wife, a full-time working mom with two school-aged children.  As a first generation immigrant to the United States, in pursuing my professional dream, I had quite some moments when I felt lost, puzzled and defeated. It was those inspiring mentors that have raised me up and supported me along including my husband, leaders at my organization and my inspiring peers. The portraits of Asian women in this country are very limited. There aren't many women leaders, Asian in particular that could provide role models to our future generations. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie told us the danger of a single story. If we are told a single story again and again about ourselves (people who look like us), then we become the character in that story. It has been my dream to compile a book of women of all colors across all fields that have made a difference. 


Julia Gooding Ed.M.

Founder/CEO, One Sky Education

College Counselor, Shanghai Community International School

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I am an educator, entrepreneur, cultural explorer and mindfulness meditation teacher in-training (as well as a daughter, sister, aunt, fur-mama and friend). I have witnessed many of my teenage students get lost in self-judgement, aversion and doubt. But I've also watched how positive role models and direct experiences that instill a sense of purpose and accomplishment can be transformational. I believe that stories of women who lead, wherever and whatever that means in their own context, will help girls across all cultures discover their owns will(s) and way(s). I can't wait to learn along with everyone how each of our guests navigate the sometimes trecherous waters of gender and culture, while contributing in their own way to a more just, equitable, and kind world.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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